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An Intimate “Twelfth Night, Or What You Will” at the Slate

Fern Shakespeare Company brings us now an intimate and funny Twelfth Night, Or What You Will at their new home: The Slate Theater. Using the performance method called Original Practice, director Wiley Basho Gorn, set a slow open to the show. The cast enters the stage and casually talk with the audience about everyday matters such as, what brought us out tonight, or how far did we travel. One can ask questions, I asked, “Who are you playing tonight.” I happened to be talking to Camille van Putten: “Viola.” “Oh, you have a lot of lines.” I’m not quite backstage, yet she’s not fully in role either.

My short exchange with an actor sampled the close contact of audience and performer common in Shakespeare’s time.


PREVIEW Booger Red-Growing up a Preacher’s Kid

Southern storyteller and solo performer Jim Loucks
brings Booger Red to Theatre Off Jackson

Solo performer and playwright Jim Loucks brings his Southern storytelling style to Theatre Off Jackson with his one-man show Booger Red June 27-29, 2019 (Theatre Off Jackson, 409 7th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98104). Booger Red is directed by Lisa Chess.


The Trojan Women-adaptation of Euripides Play, As relevant today as in 415 B.C.

The Trojan Women explores the Class, Racial and Sexual Politics of War

An intense but highly intriguing adaptation of Euripides’s The Trojan Woman, by Caroline Bird opened at Seattle’s favorite venue for plays taking place in prisons: The old Immigration Jail, now called The Slate Theatre. Produced by Civic Rep Theatre, the play offered a scintillating exposé of the interconnection between war and rape, of the rationalizations of the powerful as they evade their responsibilities and avoid making amends, how the wives of the powerful, accepting of their “feminine” roles, use power ruthlessly and of course, how the poor and disenfranchised pay the ultimate price for war. All this wrapped up in a coherent script, sprinkled with poetic witticisms, which honored the classical text and our modern theatrical conventions.


Red Rover

In their first production, the Red Rover Theatre Company presents “Red Rover” written by John C. Davenport, the story of four 30-year-old men in 1983 reminiscing about their old day’s in high school, most doing so unwillingly with the exception of Dennis.
Played by Tedd Saint-James, Dennis drags his three old high school buddies in his rusty red convertible through their dilapidated town in a tour of weather-beaten places they used to visit as kids. Although the four never formed a group and only hung around Dennis individually, Dennis figures they can put any old animosities behind them and just enjoy the night.
But their evening is far from perfect.


‘A Hand of Talons’ A Winning Premiere

World Premiere Mash-Up of the Wild Wild West and The Godfather

Director Amy Poisson teams up with writer Maggie Lee and Pork Filled Productions (PFP) for a third time to bring us A Hand of Talons. This plays returns us to the fictional city of New Providence, the setting for their previous collaborations—the 2015 Tumbleweed Zephyr and the 2013 The Clockwork Professor.

The genre is steampunk, the drama twirls around the rivalry of siblings competing to lead the Yao Chinese crime family that runs the casino and other operations in New Providence. This is perhaps the goriest of the three plays as the struggle for recognition, power, and dominance plus a betrayal take their toll. The acting is melodramatic, to match the time period, and fully engaging.

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