February 2014


10 Days to Happiness

Vipassana-Buddhist Concentration Camp for Gentiles

10 Days to Happiness is a not entirely irreverent, not entirely one-person show, written and performed by Donna Rae Davidson about her ten day meditation retreat at a Buddhist center in the wilderness. Each scene represented the trials and tribulations of getting through just one day of 10 hour meditations, bland vegetarian food, and halo-wearing, serene-emanating poseurs.


Frankenstein or modern Prometheus

The Authentic Frankenstein Comes to Life at Book-It

Book-It Repertory’s Theatre new production, Frankenstein or modern Prometheus is an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 1819 novel of the same name. The moral lesson is contained in the subtitle. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the Titan, who created man from clay, and by giving them fire, enabled progress and civilization. For this, the gods punished him harshly.


Doubt, A Parable

Come over to the Rectory and we’ll have some Cool-aid and Cookies.

The Tony award winning play Doubt, by John Patrick Shanley, opened at Stone Soup Theatre on Friday, Feb 14. In 2004, when it opened on Broadway, it was extremely topical, as it dealt with one of the hot issues of the day: the revelations about the historical cover-ups of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.


Venus in Fur

Theater is energy, and in David Ives acclaimed play Venus in Fur, directed by Shana Cooper, it is the play of


Marisol by José Rivera

Post-Apocalyptic Play with touch of Magical Realism

For their first production, the new theatre Collision Project chose José Rivera’s Marisol, an Obie award winner in 1993. A post-apocalyptic play, the director wisely chose to stage it in the Satori Lab at Inscape, commonly known as the old Immigration jail on the edge of Chinatown. It is no accident that New Century also chose this venue for its production of Kafka’s The Trial. Just walking in the main door is positively eerie.


Story & Song

History in the making by Seattle Storyteller Bret Fetzer

In 1974, Garrison Keillor and Minnesota Public radio debuted A Prairie Home Companion, in an auditorium at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota with only 12 people in the audience…the rest is history. On Tuesday, Feb 4, Annex Theatre and Bret Fetzer, opened Story & Song, a storytelling program; in 10 or 15 year we will probably be saying the same thing about him.

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