September 2022


Theatre 22 Offers a Moving “Nonsense and Beauty”

If the production of the award winning Nonsense and Beauty is indeed Theatre 22’s swan song, they are leaving us a delightful and thoughtful parting gift.  Upon hearing the opening lines, written by playwright Scott C. Sickles, who was in the opening night’s audience, we know we are in good hands.  We meet British author E.M. Forster and his best friend J.R. Ackerley attending a boating match between Cambridge and Oxford back in April, 1930.  The two are quite enchanted watching the hard working young male boaters rocket down the river.  The dialogue is witty and concise and deftly delivered.  Before long, Forster will meet the love of his life, Bob Buckingham, a young British policeman.  The nearly overwhelming romantic difficulties facing Forster and his much younger partner make for the basic conflict of the play.  Upon this simple premise, Sickles constructs a moving story exploring a theme so important to Forster in his novels: in our crazy spinning world, nothing is more vital than making emotional and intellectual connections with our fellow man.

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