Music, film, art and more coming this week to 18th and Union

The Erin Jorgensen Festival (EJF) is a slightly tongue-in-cheek mini-arts festival chock-full of performances, mini-classes, films, record listening, and more. Anchored by daily “Bach & Pancakes”  performances (a Bach cello suite performed on a 5-octave concert marimba, accompanied by pancakes), the eclectic festival lineup includes music by alt-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers; electric cello with Lori Goldston, percussion/electronics with Aaron Michael Butler; intimate acoustic music from composer Benjamin Marx, and more.


The World-Premiere of Lydia and The Troll!

Ever wondered what’s the story behind the Fremont Troll?

Seattle Rep presents the long awaited world premiere of Lydia and the Troll with the wonderful talents of Justin Huertas, Steven Tran and Ameenah Kaplan. Expanding and exploring classic Seattle folklore and landmarks, Lydia and The Troll tells a beautiful and moving story about growth through the challenges of relationships and self-doubt. An absolute must-see for its relatability and excellent musical production.


A Blast to the Past with “ZACH”

Join Artswest Theatre for a night of nostalgia!

Filled with satirical comedy and 90s television references, ZACH offers rooms of chuckles and nostalgia at Artswest Theatre. The enthusiasm of director Sara Porkalob and the wonderful talents of Amber Walker and Michael Nevárez really shine on Christian St. Croix’s playwright in the production of the show. Referencing some of the classic 90s high school sitcoms such as Boy Meets World, Full House, and Saved By The Bell, you are sure to be filled with laughs and warmth with the production of ZACH.


Refugees in the Garden City Stands Out at Taproot Theatre

A Domestic Play on Interracial Marriage, Parenthood and Immigration

Theatre that matters is the objective of both ReAct Theatre and Pratidhwani, something that shows in their productions. Refugees in the Garden City is a human and well-grounded play that shows the struggles of a couple whose life gets very suddenly turned upside down. Rhiannon and Arjun are forced to pack up and move from the United States to Canada in a very short amount of time. They cling to a new job that will grant them their dream lives but have to struggle through hardships, trauma, financial insecurity and relationship struggles, all while taking care of their baby.


Another Classic Made Anew at Seattle Shakespeare

Henry IV, A Historical Play

Seattle Shakespeare’s all-BIPOC project, Drum and Colours, shows amazing visual storytelling in a Shakespeare classic, brewing a mix of Star Wars aesthetics, epic fight choreography and Shakespeare’s lengthy yet time-tested dialogue. It’s 15th century England and King Henry IV has usurped the throne from Richard II and subsequently turned his back on some powerful allies. The Percy family (which includes the Lord of Northumberland and his son Hotspur, known that way for his fierceness and impulsivity), Mortimer, and Owen Glendower (a Welsh Prince), feeling betrayed, start a rebellion against Henry VI and chaos ensues.


Let Me Hamlet: A Monologue on the Forgotten Artist by Koo Park

Exit Hamlet, Enter the Unseen Artist

Prince Hamlet, son of King Hamlet and nephew to Usurper Claudius, is the popular protagonist of Shakespeare’s longest tragedy, Hamlet. This is the role that Let Me Hamlet’s main character has been after for the last twelve years. Yet despite his consistency and work ethic, he gets stuck with Horatio, who everyone only knows as Hamlet’s friend. Horatio is there for all the most important moments in the play, from the opening to the ever-famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy, and all the way to the tragic ending. Yet he remains unseen both by his fellow characters and by audience members who can barely recall his name, even though his story is also worth telling. This is the point that Koo Park attempts to make in his solo show, Let Me Hamlet, except the story is bigger than Horatio (once again) and reflects the unseen artist’s struggle.


An Endless Shift, A Horrifying Reality

A collection of healthcare professionals’ stories working through the COVID-19 pandemic

ArtsWest’s production of An Endless Shift is a documentary theatre project devised by Gloria Alcalá and Alma Davenport and is performed by Gloria Alcalá. Located at ArtsWest Theatre, An Endless Shift shares the stories of five healthcare professionals through the reenactment of their responses to interview questions. In this unique production, Gloria Alcalá single-handedly reenacts each healthcare professional’s responses sharing each person’s experience through their entry into healthcare and the nightmare that they were faced with, COVID-19.


Standing Ovation for I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Juliette Carrilo’s I Am Not Your Perfect Daughter will make you laugh for two hours while also reaching deep into your heartstrings with its honest representation of grief, generational trauma, social inequalities, familial expectations and the struggles of undocumented and 1st generation immigrants in the United States. Based on Erika Sánchez’s novel, Seattle Rep’s latest production – which is also the West Coast premiere of the play – centers around Júlia, a 15-year-old Mexican American grappling with the death of her older sister, her parent’s expectations, her dreams of becoming a famous writer and her own coming of age.

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