July 2022


Wooden O Brings a Very Unique Cymbeline to Our Parks

It didn’t take the audience in the Luther Burbank Park long to figure out we were in for a very different rendition of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. A large white Ford van is parked upstage left; King Cymbeline enters the stage in pajamas and the proud husband of the king’s daughter, the valiant Posthumus, is wearing a bright yellow dress. Associate Artistic Director Makaela Milburn and artist Meme Garcia have created a wildly imaginative take on this problematic work for Seattle Shakespeare’s outdoor Wooden O series.


Wooden O’s Joyous “Midsummer” Comes to Our Parks

One would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Northwest summer evening than lounging in one of our local parks and enjoying a bit of delightful Shakespearian magic with the Wooden O’s current outdoor production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I recently caught the show at the Luther Burbank Park’s venue on Mercer Island as the Seattle Shakespeare troupe set up in a leafy glen, sharing their work with a variety of birds flying above and groups of somewhat flummoxed joggers accidentally coming upon the outskirts of the action. Artistic director George Mount is at the helm here, directing a solid cast of eight actors and a number of life sized puppets, piecing together a highly accessible version of Shakespeare’s wacky love story.


Silent Sky-Does Not Illuminate

“You asked God a question, and he answered.”

Silent Sky
, a play about an under recognized, extremely important female astronomer, whose discoveries, changed our view of reality as much as Einstein’s theory of relatively, opened at Tacoma’s Little Theatre Friday night. Technically, the production was every bit as awe-inspiring as the subject: astronomy.

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