August 2013


The Raft

Coupla white dudes sitting around in a lifeboat.

The Raft, by Ben Eisner, opened at Theatre 4 in the Center House of Seattle Center on Friday night. As its name suggests, the play takes place on a raft-actually a life-boat, after a ship-wreck, where two best friends from high school try their best to survive, come to terms with death and the repressed sexual undertow of their relationship.


The Gas Heart

A Dada piece of Historical Importance.

Irrational Robot Bureau presented The Gas Heart by Tristan Tzara, one of the founders of the Dada movement. After World War I, he was strongly advised by the Bucharest police to get out of town, so he moved to Paris and switched from writing in his native Romanian to writing in French. Presented in English, The Gas Heart was translated from the French by the director, Adrian D. Cameron.


The Wild Party

Good Advertisement for AA and Anger Management Classes.

Sound Theatre Company, which has produced some excellent productions of excellent musicals has somehow managed to produce an excellent production of a very bad musical. The Wild Party had a virtuoso cast, choreography, musicians, set design and costuming but very little else, especially comic relief.

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