February 2023


Complications of Marriage, Parenthood, and Life

Parley Productions brings to the West of Linen Theatre a one weekend production that deepens the understanding of the determining factors of continuing on your legacy with children. Writer and director Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth tackles the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood in the dystopian-style production, Stamina. We follow along as Paloma (Katherine Jett) and Merrit (Brandon Tourino Collinsworth) face their ultimate decision and inevitable fate.


A Thousand Splendid Suns: Heartwrenching Reflection on Motherhood

A Thousand Splendid Suns, adapted from the novel of the same name by Khaled Hosseini has been transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful opera by Roya Sadat. Put on by Seattle Opera, the opera tells the story of two women and their struggles through decades of violence, turmoil, and societal pressures. It speaks to the bonds of family, especially motherhood, of love lost and the things that people have to do in order to survive.


Eggs Animal Saints and Sinner-Storytelling at 18th and Union

Eggs and their Manifestations

Yet again eccentric Seattle storytellers Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard and Bret Fetzer have delivered the goods at 18th and Union by their incredibly interesting, funny, stories which are ostensibly about animals but are really about the vicissitudes of being human.


Preview- Motörmouth Comedy Power-Hour

Gas-Up your Giggles, and Rev-up that roaring laughter for the first ever MOTORMOUTH COMEDY POWER-HOUR!! Where comedians run their mouths, the house is rocked, and the laughter rolls! The funniest, gut-bustin’-est, wildest comics in and out of Seattle, dial their jokes up to eleven, just to make YOU laugh!!


Preview-11th and Pine-Staged Reading-Sound Theatre Company

11TH & PINE was slated as the first full production in of Sound Theatre’s 2023 season. Due to the needs of new work and the sensitive nature of working with real people’s narratives, they decided to present 11TH & PINE as a limited staged reading instead of a fully designed production. an essential Seattle story that must not be forgotten.


Art as Activism- Iranian artists responding to Protests

Right on Iranian Sisters!

The same week that Seda Iranian Theatre presented The Forgotten History of Mastaneh, the personal memoirs of female oppression in post-revolutionary Iran circa 1987, an exhibit by female Iranian American artists opened at the University of Washington School of Art, featuring four artists, Audineh Asaf, the chair of the Art Department at Edmonds College, Nakisa Dehpanah, an architect, Sadaf Sadri and Armida Ziaei.

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