April 2013


Assisted Living

ASSISTED LIVING opened at ACT Theatre this Friday. It seems to follow the fashion these days, dictated by simple demographics, of writing plays and movies about baby-boomers retiring.


The Trial by Franz Kafka

Life imitated art, when the theater address was not in the GPS; and the theatre was located in the former INS immigration jail. As I had visited it almost daily, when a friend of mine was incarcerated for an interminable nine weeks, I was inundated with memories of unsuccessful legal action.



“Smudge” is a new show now playing at Washington Ensemble Theatre (WET). It was written by former “Daily Show” writer


The Whipping Man

Whipping Man affected me the same way the movie Shindler’s List did. It dealt with profound evil, but with enough humor and humanity to make it watchable.


Edith can Shoot Things and Hit Them.

Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them by A. Rey Pamatmat opened at Seattle Public Theatre on Friday. It tells the tale of two minors, age 12 and 16, who have been abandoned by their father to fend for themselves, after the death of their mother. Complicating the situation is the gay boyfriend of the 16-year, whose fundamentalist mother throws him out of the house, after she ferrets out that he is actively gay.

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