January 2024


A Doll’s House Part 2, Sequel to Ibsen’s original

strong>Fifteen years after Nora Helmer walks out, she comes back

Written by Lucas Hnath , A Doll’s House Part 2, a sequel to Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 A Doll’s House, opened at Tacoma Little Theatre this past weekend. Nora Helmer, the heroine of the original, walks in through the same door, she walked out of 15 years before, at the end of Ibsen’s original play. Although it has a parallel theme to the original, Part 2 lacked the drama and suspense of the original.


Love and Loss in Quixote Nuevo

Seattle Rep debuted its first play of the new year this weekend at Bagley Wright Theatre with an outstanding production of Quixote Nuevo. Written by playwright Octavio Solis, this play is a bold modern remix of Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th-century literary masterpiece, Don Quixote, an epic story of an old man’s quest for love and fight against reality. Solis’ contemporary adaptation fully grasps the stakes and scale of Cervantes’ original work, claiming the world as its own on the stage. With Lisa Portes’ direction, Quixote Nuevo is positively brought to life, conjuring the spirit of Cervantes’ original work, while retaining its own unique life and rhythm. Quixote Nuevo commands the stage, reminding audiences what it means to be epic.


The Book of Will: Safekeeping a Playwright’s Legacy.

Get ready, Shakespeare fans, for a play about the legacy of the legendary playwright in The Book of Will created by Lauren Gunderson, the author of Silent Sky and the Christmas at Pemberley series. Originally commissioned and produced at the Denver Centre Theatre Company, this production was directed by Karen Lund and produced by the Taproot Theatre Company.


An Inward Journey: Becoming Dr. Ruth at The Village Theatre

Breaking the fourth wall in its opening lines, Becoming Dr. Ruth is a one woman show—but you wouldn’t know it until the curtain falls after the 90 minute, no-intermission new production at The Village Theatre, the lights go dark, and it hits you: that was all her. And if opening night’s standing ovation had anything to say, Naomi Jacobson’s phenomenal performance is pure theatricality and verve. In that dark, in that applause filled silence, the whole of Dr. Ruth’s life seemed to hover, a silently turning magnet still resonating in the heart. 


Marine Mammals and their Mythical Mates -Drunken Owl Theatre’s Variety Show at Jules Mae Saloon

Something for Everyone-but mostly for the Boomer Generation

Drunken Owl Theatre’s third production, Marine Mammals and their Mythical Mates, opened Friday night at what one can only say was a vintage bar; it was such an interesting place that I felt like a tourist in an ancient foreign city, which more or less describes that little corner of Georgetown. The buildings on that section of Airport way were old and rather attractive, with a 19th century brick warehouse opposite, along with the old Rainier brewing. Inside, everything was wood paneling and lots of pictures on the wall and a non P.C. stuffed animal head.


XXX Island- A Solo Comedy Show

Directed by Mario Orallo-Molinaro, XXX Island is a comedic homage to reality TV that produces lots of laughs at its star, Amethyst Crystal, who is played by Pearl Lam. After failing to read her contract, Amethyst finds herself on a deserted island for a survival challenge instead of a dating show. With no survival skills and utmost confidence, Amethyst stays alive by telling herself that 60 proof alcohol is 40% water and that she doesn’t need food because she doesn’t eat anyway. Jokes aside, XXX Island also features a foray into Amethyst’s psyche which is induced by bath salts but is nonetheless compelling. 


Good Water-Theatre Off Jackson

“My head hurts,” Nyx, the mythological Greek goddess of night, repeats throughout Northwest Original Works’ production of Good Water, the latest work of up-and-coming playwright Jessica Moreland and director Max Koh. The world as we know it has ended, ravaged at our own hands by the effects of climate change. Nyx is the last of the gods. There is nothing, no one, left. No wonder her head hurts.

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Revival of Pulitzer prize-winning Glengarry Glenn Ross by David Mamet at Seattle U

Greed is Good

Under the director of Brennan Murphy, Seattle University will stage a revival of David Mamet’s 1984 Pulitzer prize winning play Glenngarry Glen Ross at Seattle University’s Lee Center. The play depicts two days in the lives of four desperate Chicago real estate agents, who are prepared to engage in any number of unethical, illegal acts—from lies and flattery to bribery, threats, intimidation and burglary—to sell real estate to unwitting prospective buyers. It is based on Mamet’s experience having previously worked in a similar office.


Strong Waters-12th Avenue Arts

An Affair to Forget

Strong Waters, the latest offering from local playwright Claire Zaslav and director Margaret VandenBerghe at 12th Avenue Arts, treads old water in its cliched and at times unintentionally bizarre portrayal of a rekindled love affair.

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