March 2024


Spring Shot Homegrown-Festival of Plays Three Weekends

Spring Play Festival at 18th and Union

Celebrating a “diverse garden” of performance artists, Spring Shot serves as a
launch pad for brand-new dance, theater, burlesque, and comedy shorts over
three weekends. This year, 30+ artists have come to lay roots at 18th & Union,
curated around the theme HOMEGROWN.


How to Write a New Book for the Bible-Taproot Theatre

“Let’s get it right, down to the details.”

I fear I may be the wrong demographic for How to Write a New Book For the Bible.

Full-time priest and part-time playwright Bill Cain’s heartfelt 2011 play sketches a poignant portrait of a family reckoning with the impending loss of its matriarch. It’s a moving work – Cain based the play off the experience of losing his own mother, and it really shows in the minutiae of family life so lovingly captured by his script. In spite of all the good things about Taproot’s production of the play, though, I couldn’t avoid a niggling feeling that something was… off.


The Bed Trick-World Premier at Seattle Shakes

World Premier of Comedy

Plays inspired from Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies have opened in two Puget Sound Theatres this weekend. One of the Bard’s great tragedies’ King Lear inspired Taking Leave at Dukesbay Productions in Tacoma and the lesser known All’s Well that End’s Well, inspired the world premiere of The Bed Trick at Seattle Shakes.


Taking Leave-Profoundly funny piece about the elderly-and King Lear

What can be funny about an Alzheimer’s patient.

A funny play about Alzheimer’s behavior seems counterintuitive, but then again the basis of humor is tragedy. In Taking Leave, by Nagel Jackson, which opened at Dukesbay Productions in Tacoma, the astute playwright and the shrewd director, Melanie Gladstone, showed how a good dose of humor can alleviate a tragic situation.


Mist & Mirrors: Bacchus and One Thousand Pieces at Pacific Northwest Ballet

At Pacific Northwest Ballet, Alejandro Cerrudo’s One Thousand Pieces is returning, but they’ve never performed it for a live audience before. In March of 2020, a single dress rehearsal of the piece was the last thing the dancers performed before COVID-19. PNB has since been haunted by Cerrudo’s piece, and now, with Bacchus on the playbill as a delightfully Dionysian opener, Cerrudo’s mirror finally shatters—enchantingly, spectacularly so. 


Act a Lady -Woodinville Repertory Theatre

Disappointing play opens at Woodinville Rep

Act Like a Lady by Jordan Harrison opened at Woodinville Repertory Theatre in Woodinville this weekend. Directed by Scott Dittman, it takes place in a small town supposedly in the Midwest, in the 1920’s that is to say during prohibition, when three local men decide to fund-raise by putting on a play, where they play women’s parts.


The Fantasticks- Fantastically Awesome and Awesomely Fantastic production at Village Theatre

Verbal Gymnastics, Humor and a Serious Message, in one Delightful Evening.

I was truly awe-struck by the Village Theatre’s flawless production of The Fantasticks which opened to a sold out audience on Friday, March 15. The world’s longest running musical, written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmiddt, opened off-Broadway in 1960 and ran for 42 years; it is not only highly entertaining with catchy, witty, poetic dialogue and lyrics, beguiling musical, physical humor, but also a profound message. Expertly directed by Adam Immerwahr, this production also had some intriguing and expertly executed magic on stage. And of course there was the memorable song Try to Remember.

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