February 2019


American Junkie Comes to Book-It

Preshow Nirvana music is piped into the theater as the audience takes in Catherine Cornell’s effective set, deftly capturing much of what Seattle was in the late 1980’s: scuffed up, graffitited and more than a little bit seedy. The effects of the current dotcom boom and Amazon’s overpowering influence in nearly every aspect of the city is tangible here. The local scene was a very different place for a young Tom Hansen, scurrying to Seattle from Edmonds or Lynwood. Hansen’s 2010 memoir, American Junkie, has recently begun to be printed again. It is an engrossing and frightening tale of a young man battling a monstrous addiction to drugs who is somehow able to come out alive to tell his story. Jane Jones and Kevin McKeon have adapted the memoir for the unique Book-It Theatre style and Jones directs the production. Ian Bond takes on Hansen’s role and is flat-out mesmerizing as he brings this charming yet tortured character to life.


Annie Baker’s Remarkable Uncle Vanya at Theatre 9/12

Critics arguing that Seattle’s current theater scene is in an impressive Golden Age, need not look any further than the stellar production of Uncle Vanya taking place on Capitol Hill at Theatre 9/12 to prove their claim. Once again director Charles Waxberg has gathered some of our area’s top actors and elicited breath-taking performances from them as they work their way through Annie Baker’s 2012 translation of Chekhov’s classic.

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