August 2023


Going in Circles-Animal Saints and Animal Sinners at 18th and Union

Saints, Sinners and the Moral Spectrum in-Between.

The oft described “eccentric” Seattle storytelling team Animal Saints and Animal Sinners is back with live and streaming performances of Going in Circles until Aug. 25. To call them “eccentric” is an understatement as are an outstanding team dealing with extremely abnormal subjects which even Twilight Zone would have found too weird. But Scot Augstson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard and Bret Fetzer have been enthralling audiences at 18th and Union for years and is one of the most unique acts in town.


Love vs Power and Fear, Techno-Style in the Seattle Opera’s Das Rheingold.

Seattle Opera’s opening number of their 60th anniversary season.

The Seattle Opera opened their 60th anniversary season in McCaw Hall on August 12 with an
electrifying performance of Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883), the first of the
four operas comprising his operatic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung).
Despite brief moments of levity in Das Rheingold, the Ring cycle explores the dark consequence
of exchanging love for unlimited power to fend off fear. In the end, love prevails, but only after
tragic loss and supreme sacrifice.

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