February 2024


Memories of a Forgotten Man-Thalia’s Umbrella’s production is NOT to be forgotten nor missed

The Persistence of Memory

Salvatore Dali visualized this concept with clocks melting into distortion. The playwright D.W. Gregory explores, with complexity, how memory can serve as well as destroy in Memoirs of a Forgotten Man. (Yes, that’s what the poster reads if you squint.) This highly relevant play was directed by Thalia’s Umbrella Artistic Director, Terry Edward Moore and opened last weekend at 12th Ave Arts.


X: The Powerful Voice of Malcolm X’s Legacy

The name Malcolm X has always been met with polarizing opinions, from those who praised him as a revolutionary to those who despised him as an extremist. His tragic assassination nearly 60 years ago is proof of this perspective, leaving him both the martyr and the villain. Yet, it is for this reason that, despite being an extremely relevant cultural icon, Malcolm X has always been severely misunderstood.


Memoirs of a Forgotten Man – To Forget or Remember; Which is better?

Reporting the truth can be a dangerous thing to do in certain places and at certain times. And nowhere is this more evident than in the fascinating story of Memoirs of a Forgotten Man presented by Thalia’s Umbrella. Written by D.W. Gregory and Directed by Terry Edward Moore, this production was performed at 12th Avenue Arts and I went to see this performance on February 25th.


The Truth-telling Power of An American Masterpiece

X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X opened February 24 at Seattle Opera. This monumental work presents events from the life of the charismatic prophet of Black empowerment, from his father’s death at the hands of white terrorists and his mother’s descent into insanity, to the moment of his assassination. At one point, Malcolm comes to the front of the stage to address the audience directly, and the house lights go up to reveal us all, as Malcolm and the chorus sing, “You want the truth, but you don’t want to know.” This opera delivers the truth relentlessly, and does not allow us to turn away from it.


Animal Farm- A Comedic Adaptation with Puppets

Based on George Orwell’s novel of the same name, Penguin Production’s adaptation of Animal Farm feels lighthearted and even cute, while keeping the novel’s thought-provoking perspective on the struggles of implementing communism.

glengarry glen ross seattle u

Glengarry Glen Ross-Seattle U

“I wasn’t cut out to be a thief. I was cut out to be a salesman.”

David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross seems to ask: what’s the difference?

Seattle U’s production of David Mamet’s Pulitzer-winning Glengarry Glen Ross is acutely aware of its optics, and understandably so. Mamet is a notorious lightning rod for controversy, having frequently drawn public ire for his crass conservatism and refusal to shy away from ugly subject matter over the course of his career. Director Brennan Murphy opens the program with a note containing a simple plea – view our play with an open mind. It is with an open mind, then, that I can confidently say: Seattle U knocked it out of the park.


Celebrate Lunar New Year at Theatre off Jackson

This Spring Festival, join Yun Theatre and Theatre Off Jackson for a heartwarming community celebration with the play “年轻人社死档案室” (Young People’s Social Death Archive). Written by Yun theatre’s resident playwright Siming Lu, this play marks a refreshing change of pace for us – a lighter, more relaxed exploration of the joys and jitters of young adulthood.


Animal Saints and Animal Sinners-A Mardi Gras Alternative at 18th and Union

Storytelling at its best-funny and profound.

18th & Union presents witty, eccentric Seattle storytellers Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and Bret Fetzer for an evening of strange and delightful tales about animals—saints, sinners, and the moral spectrum in-between. The ninth edition of their Animal Saints & Animal Sinners presents twisted tales of romance: Love on a Leash


Blood Countess-Female Serial Killer in Hungary

Blood Countess or Countess Dracula

Anyone familiar with Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s brilliantly macabre writings from Animal Saints and Animal Sinners would know that the true story of serial killer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, could have been invented by Blanchard, as it has all the hallmarks of her writing-the links between sexualized violence, and violent sexuality.


Art to Combat Gentrification-Wa Na Wari

Art to Combat Gentrification Wa Na Wari

Last Saturday, February 3rd, Wa Na Wari opened an art exhibit of three Black artists, Marin Burnett, Brandon Donahue-Shipp, An artist called DK and Christopher Iduma. Wa Na Wari is situated in a fifth-generation Black-owned home in the Central District on a block without Leggoland development, and proudly displays this sign.

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