June 2016


Romeo and Juliet

Disappointing R and J.

Recycled Shakespeare, Seattle’s newest Repertory Theatre, located in North Seattle, recently produced Romeo and Juliet, a play Shakespeare himself called a tragedy, but what actually has elements of melodrama. Since everybody knows the story of the star-crossed lover’s and has seen the play umpteen times, any production needs a huge dose of imagination to sustain it for two and a half-hours without cuts. In spite of some technical strengths, Brandon Brown’s production lacked both creativity and brevity.


Centrifuge—Where Science Meets the Dramatic Imagination

World Premiere on Friday Night; Show Closes on Saturday Night — by Design

The set-up: as a partner project of the 14/48 Project (see reviews here and here), Centrifuge holds to 14/48’s sensibility of producing fully formed live theater in a limited amount of time. In Centrifuge’s case the clock began on Monday, June 20 when invited scientists and artists convened to toss potential topics into a large cylinder, one of which was randomly selected. … “Ready About and hard to lee.” Part of the fun opening night while waiting for the lights to go up was discussing with fellow audience members what that means.

After the draw, five writer-scientist teams




Written by the critically-acclaimed playwright and Tony award winning librettist, Richard Nelson, Sorry the third part of the Apple Family Triology, produced by Thalia’s Umbrella, opened at 12th Ave Arts, this past weekend. With a stellar cast, composed of some of my favorite Seattle actors, as well as a highly capable director and technical staff, the play was definitely not the thing.


The Mystery of Love & Sex Dances into the ACT

Playwright Bathsheba Doran is on a roll; she’s been collecting awards while writing scripts for TV’s Masters of Sex, Smash and Boardwalk Empire as well as a set of successful Broadway shows. The Mystery of Love & Sex opened at the Lincoln Center last year in New York and now has landed with a marvelous staging here at Seattle’s ACT. The show features a playwright in total command of her work, hitting on all cylinders.


9 Circles

Killing people bothers SOME people

It is difficult to find the words to express how great 9 Circles was!!!!!. Playing at 12th Ave Arts, produced by Strawberry Theatre Workshop, directed by Grey Carter, from a divinely inspired script by Father Bill Cain, S.J., with an exceptionally stellar cast, it was far more than just a good show. It was a spiritually uplifting EXPERIENCE which one rarely has in theatre or indeed in life.

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