February 2015


Dear Elizabeth

      Dear Elizabeth opened Feb. 6th at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Dear Elizabeth is a must-see for anyone with […]



Superb Female Painter Reduced to a Victim

Blood/Water/Paint, by Joy McCullough-Carranza opened on Friday at Theater-off-Jackson. Produced by Live Girls!, a company dedicated to new works by women, it was didactically written with a supposedly feminist agenda. However, this story about Artemisia Gentileschi, did not seem to attempt to “empower” women but seemed to emphasize their victimhood.


The God of Hell

Stone Soup Theater opened The God of Hell by Sam Shepard on Friday February 23, 2015. This politically inspired play


Oh Seattle!

Laughter Unlimited at the Schmee

One sign of mental health for both individuals and societies is the ability to laugh at themselves. It shows a healthy acceptance of one’s flaws and strengths as well as a healthy acceptance of reality. In Seattle, it helps all of us deal with the smugness, the Republican driven city council agenda disguised as bleeding heart liberalism, enlightened diet of the month, wacked-out theories of child-rearing, alternative this, alternative that and all the other agendas floating around Seattle.


The 14/48 Festival—Fastest Festival in the West

Launched in 1997, the 14/48 Festival is the brainchild of Michael Neff and Jodi-Paul Wooster. It invites talented theater folks to two weekends of high risk, intensely collaborative yet ephemeral theater-making. 14/48 participants mix, mingle, and network. And all of Seattle theater is the better for it.

14/48 plays with Chance, Choice, and Performance.


Dog of the South

Dog of the South, Judd Parkin’s adaptation of Charles Portis’ 1979 novel, opened at the Center Theater on February 14th. This comedic play centers around military-history-buff-turned-college-student Raymond Midge (Christopher Morson), whose wife, Norma (Shannon Loys), has just run off with his nemesis, Guy Dupree (Joshua C. Williamson) – and his blue Ford Torino.


Matt & Ben

Matt & Ben opened the 6th season for Stageright on Friday February 13. With the classic guy’s guys being played


Principal Principle Staged Reading Gets an A

Is our public educational system grinding itself into the ground?

This is just one of the questions Joe Zarrow explores in his 2014 play, Principal Principle. Of course, there are many more, all clamoring, all representative of some point of view in our pluralistic culture.



Natural, written by Marcus Gorman, directed by Jen Moon, opened Tuesday February 3 at the Annex Theatre. It is a

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