February 2017


Waning at Annex Theatre

On a rain sodden, midweek night on Capitol Hill, Annex Theatre presented a unique and thought provoking production, Waning. Playwright Kamaria Hallum-Harris filled her fifty-minute play with startling juxtapositions pitting the horrific history of the treatment of African Americans in the early part of the 20th century with a young black woman, Luna (Danela Butler), searching for her sexual identity today.


“Questionable Content” Returned for One Night Only to Pocket Theater

After a rousing warm-up and welcome to Pocket Theater by Clayton Weller, David Rollison ably stepped up to Host the evening. Very quickly he got the two teams on stage. The team seated to the audience’s right: And Yet They Persisted—Sarah Skilling, Bridget Quigg and Mike Masilotti. On the left side of the stage sat Endangered Reese’s Pieces: Phill Arensberg, Tyler Schnupp, and Greg Stackhouse. All of the panelists were sketch comedy, improv theater, or stand-up comedy veterans. In the center of the stage is a screen for video projection. The “sidekick” and Scorekeeper for the show was Martin Stillion.

If you’ve accidentally landed on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me imagine that cranked up to top speed.


Valentine’s Day-When Love Speaks

A Disease that has More Joys than Health

Many people nowadays think of poetry as little more than a disease, but Thalia’s Umbrella’s production of When Love Speaks will undoubtedly cure them of that notion, because more than any performance I have ever seen in verse, it honored the spoken word of the great English poets.


Six Degrees of Separation or Network Theory

A Late 20th Century Morality Tale of Political Dimensions.

Although Charles Waxberg, Artistic Director of Theatre 9/12, always presents thought-provoking plays, enhanced by his inspirational direction and staging, his production of John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation, was by far the most stimulating play I have seen there. A whole library could be filled with discussions about the psychological issues, the class conflict and now since it is almost 30 years after it was written, the historical background.


Animal Attack! Almost True Stories- Amusing, Intriguing and Incredibly WEIRD, yet engaging

All Creatures Great and Small Want you Dead!!!

Well, just when I thought 18th and Union Theatre had presented the best comedy show in town, they came up with another one, Animals Attack! Almost True Stories, by Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway-Blanchard and Jennifer Jasper. The genesis for this particular gem was in 2016, when Kelleen contacted Scot and Jennifer and said, “Hey! Ya wanna do something about animal attacks?”

That something became a reading of stories about very weird and I mean VERY weird animal attacks with some improvisation and audience participation thrown in. It was a delightfully funny evening with some of the most creative writing I’ve heard in a very long time.

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