September 2012


Driving Miss Daisy

Truman to Nixon

Driving Miss Daisy, originally a Pulitzer Prize winning stage-play by Alfred Uhry, recounts the 25-year relationship ( from 1948-1973) between two outsiders in the South, specifically Atlanta. Boolie, the son of Miss Daisy, or Mrs. Werthan, a wealthy, but frugal, Jewish widow living inAtlanta, insists on hiring a chauffeur for her. Hoke is an an amiable, astute African American widower with young grandchildren. But the decision to hire Hoke is over Miss Daisy’s metaphorical dead body.


River Ice

To Suicide or not to Suicide, that is the Question

River Ice, an original script written by Scott Timmons, takes place in a church crypt in Prague after the assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich, governor of Bohemia and Moravia ( Czechoslovakia), during World War.

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