November 2018


PREVIEW Sandbox Radio’s New Year’s Show

Sandbox Radio Returns to ACTLab with Some New Year’s Resolutions, December 30

Sandbox Radio returns to ACTLab with the latest installment of their one night only, wildly popular radio show. Sandbox Radio: Resolutions, will be recorded live for podcast in The Falls Theatre at ACT on December 30.
This latest episode will feature musical guests Puget Soundworks, a special appearance by Lisa Koch, writing from Scot Augustson, Elizabeth Heffron, Wayne Rawley and more. The Sandbox Radio players will include Eric Ray Anderson, David Gehrman, Sarah Harlett, Rachel Guyer-Mafune, Jason Marr, Pamela Reed, Karen Skrinde, Dan Tierney, Lisa Viertel, Bob Williams, and Marta Zekan, accompanied by the Sandbox Radio Orchestra featuring Angie Louise (Piano), Mike Catts and Dave Pascal (Bass), Troy Lund (Drums), Dave Marriott (Trombone), and Robertson Witmer (Accordion/Clarinet), with musical direction by Angie Louise of The Love Markets.


Preview-The Twilight Zone Live

“You’re entering another dimension…a dimension of sound, a dimension of signs, a dimension of mind.”

Yes, it is happening, the show we have all been waiting for since last December, Theater Schmeater’s annual live re-enactment of episodes from Rod Serling’s seminal sci-fi TV anthology series, The Twilight Zone. Directed by Rachel Delmar, the four episodes this year will be: To Serve Man, Deaths-Head Revisited, The Shelter and The Changing of the Guard.


Honesty and Integrity Painted Over in ‘Framed’

On one surface, Framed investigates questions about art: What is art? What is talent? What do you see in a painting? Who makes a work valuable? On another surface this show is about spoiled, foiled, and soiled relationships.
Soon enough, we learn what each desires. Joanie wants her art to be respected and sold in legitimate galleries though she is more poseur than artist; May has natural talent and takes art lessons from Joanie to learn how to draw a particular face; Jake wants to work for Nick; and Nick wants to keep his wife happy, stay married, and a make money booking illegal bets.
In sound human relationships we desire ethics, truthfulness, and honesty. These characters don’t have these virtues so there’s double-crossing, lying, and deceit. What fun!

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