Bring Your Kids to See “The Icelandic Illumination Rangers”

The Icelandic Illumination Rangers is a fun adventure story about the Aurora Borealis for kids. Ali El-Gasser and Jonah Von Spreecken get together as a ranger duo, charged with the responsibility of educating the world about the awesomeness of the northern lights.

 When they can’t see eye-to-eye on how best to do their jobs the Aurora Borealis disappears and the two must work together to bring it back, using the acronym DHACJGAC (Don’t Have A Conflict, Just Give A Compliment) to aid them. With each other’s help, they face their fears as they journey through the poles, dancing colorfully to their own Icelandic synth-pop music along way. By embracing the each other’s quirkiness and unique gifts the two unite to bring back the lights.

 Ali and Jonah had amazing energy throughout the show and the kids were really engaged with this funky origin story. Take your kids for a lesson in self-discovery, comedic conflict resolution, and courage! At 35 minutes, it’s especially great for the littlest little ones.

 Catch “The Icelandic Illumination Rangers” Saturday or Sunday mornings at 10 at the Washington Ensemble Theatre. For more information visit

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