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The World-Premiere of Lydia and The Troll!

Ever wondered what’s the story behind the Fremont Troll?

Seattle Rep presents the long awaited world premiere of Lydia and the Troll with the wonderful talents of Justin Huertas, Steven Tran and Ameenah Kaplan. Expanding and exploring classic Seattle folklore and landmarks, Lydia and The Troll tells a beautiful and moving story about growth through the challenges of relationships and self-doubt. An absolute must-see for its relatability and excellent musical production.


A Blast to the Past with “ZACH”

Join Artswest Theatre for a night of nostalgia!

Filled with satirical comedy and 90s television references, ZACH offers rooms of chuckles and nostalgia at Artswest Theatre. The enthusiasm of director Sara Porkalob and the wonderful talents of Amber Walker and Michael Nevárez really shine on Christian St. Croix’s playwright in the production of the show. Referencing some of the classic 90s high school sitcoms such as Boy Meets World, Full House, and Saved By The Bell, you are sure to be filled with laughs and warmth with the production of ZACH.


How August Wilson Learned What He Learned

The beautiful and humourous trials and tribulations of a black man in America.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has does it, yet again, with the outstanding production of August Wilson’s How I Learned What I Learned. Directed by Tim


As it is in Heaven, A Story of The Shakers

Strangely interesting history of an American religious communtiy

Originally written by Arlene Hutton, director Marianna Savell brings a production of “As it is in Heaven” to Taproot Theatre. Rising perplexing questions about the nature of community and personal beliefs and faith, “As it is in Heaven” shares with the audience the story through changes in communities like The Shakers.


60 Years of “110 in the Shade” with Reboot Theatre Company

110 in the Shade, the musical adaptation of the play The Rainmaker making its way to Seattle Public Theatre.

Reboot Theatre Company welcomes the community to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of 110 in the Shade at Seattle Public Theatre. A production that is truly worth celebrating with its excellent and charismatic rendition of the original musical. Filled with comedy, sympathy, and musical talents, Reboot Theatre Company shined bright with their production of 110 in the Shade. Based on the play The Rainmaker, 110 in the Shade takes a musical rendition to the production, with the book written by N. Richard Nash, lyrics by Tom Jones, and music by Harvey Schmidt, director Scot Charles Anderson, music director Mark Rabe, and the cast delivers excellent singing, fun choreography and heartfelt messages about love and self-worth.


Complications of Marriage, Parenthood, and Life

Parley Productions brings to the West of Linen Theatre a one weekend production that deepens the understanding of the determining factors of continuing on your legacy with children. Writer and director Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth tackles the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood in the dystopian-style production, Stamina. We follow along as Paloma (Katherine Jett) and Merrit (Brandon Tourino Collinsworth) face their ultimate decision and inevitable fate.


An Endless Shift, A Horrifying Reality

A collection of healthcare professionals’ stories working through the COVID-19 pandemic

ArtsWest’s production of An Endless Shift is a documentary theatre project devised by Gloria Alcalá and Alma Davenport and is performed by Gloria Alcalá. Located at ArtsWest Theatre, An Endless Shift shares the stories of five healthcare professionals through the reenactment of their responses to interview questions. In this unique production, Gloria Alcalá single-handedly reenacts each healthcare professional’s responses sharing each person’s experience through their entry into healthcare and the nightmare that they were faced with, COVID-19.


Becoming Othello: A Black Girl’s Journey-Finding Power in Tragedy

The Moving Stories of Debra Ann Bryd and her Connection to Shakespeare’s Othello

The Seatte Shakespeare Company kicks off the start of the year with their “The World’s a Stage Series” with the production of a one-woman show, Becoming Othello: A Black Girl’s Journey. Written and performed by Debra Ann Bryd and directed by Tina Packer, this production can be seen at the Centre Theatre at Seattle Center. This performance tells the captivating tale of Debra Ann Bryd’s journey through hardship, self discovery, and activism. A journey that was propelled by Debra’s connection to her role as Othello in The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice.

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