Author name: Cameron Harper


A Triple-Sweetness at Pacific Northwest Ballet: Sweet Fields, The Calling, and The Season’s Canon

The dancers of Pacific Northwest Ballet are bringing Crystal Pite’s The Season’s Canon to life to the effect of more than just the visually stunning synchronicity of the 54 dancer piece, which incites an understanding of the possibilities for choreography to create meaning beyond semiotically-bound representations of narrative and emotion, but as a mimetic form of life and earth itself. 


Mist & Mirrors: Bacchus and One Thousand Pieces at Pacific Northwest Ballet

At Pacific Northwest Ballet, Alejandro Cerrudo’s One Thousand Pieces is returning, but they’ve never performed it for a live audience before. In March of 2020, a single dress rehearsal of the piece was the last thing the dancers performed before COVID-19. PNB has since been haunted by Cerrudo’s piece, and now, with Bacchus on the playbill as a delightfully Dionysian opener, Cerrudo’s mirror finally shatters—enchantingly, spectacularly so. 


An Inward Journey: Becoming Dr. Ruth at The Village Theatre

Breaking the fourth wall in its opening lines, Becoming Dr. Ruth is a one woman show—but you wouldn’t know it until the curtain falls after the 90 minute, no-intermission new production at The Village Theatre, the lights go dark, and it hits you: that was all her. And if opening night’s standing ovation had anything to say, Naomi Jacobson’s phenomenal performance is pure theatricality and verve. In that dark, in that applause filled silence, the whole of Dr. Ruth’s life seemed to hover, a silently turning magnet still resonating in the heart. 

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