The World-Premiere of Lydia and The Troll!

Ever wondered what’s the story behind the Fremont Troll?

Seattle Rep presents the long awaited world premiere of Lydia and the Troll with the wonderful talents of Justin Huertas, Steven Tran and Ameenah Kaplan. Expanding and exploring classic Seattle folklore and landmarks, Lydiarelevance and excellent musical production.

Lydia (Sarah Russell) is a struggling Black artist trying. While trying to score the deal of a lifetime along with struggles involving self-doubt and a toxic relationship, Lydia meets Jane (Janet Krupin), a mysterious fan, who changes her life in unexpected ways. Lydia must face the battles that are right in front of her, in order to be who she really is, and succeed.

The script of this production is filled with sly humor and references that made locals feel connected. It tackles the roots of damaged self-esteem and toxic, repetitive habits. Along with the complex dynamic between Lydia and her boyfriend, Pete (Adam Standley), the script addressed the struggles of addiction, racial discrimination, and deep personal insecurities. The rich and complex nature of the script was paired perfectly with the production of each musical number.

The production of Lydia and the Troll resonated with the audience and personally left me in awe, from the careful arrangement with the flashing lights and digital screens to the incredible execution from the puppeteers. The actors’ singing and vocal quality were outstanding and the set was above and beyond what I would have expected. What blew me away the most were the images that seemed impossible to stage, yet they found a way! This production was a fascinating combination of theatre and digital arts that was very entertaining to watch.

I would 100% recommend this show for its excellent production and moving storyline. A few content warnings include flashing lights, fog, and discussion of racial discrimination and addiction. Especially as someone local to Seattle, I adored the references and adaptation of folklore. This is a must-see if you love musicals or are looking for a some local folklore.

Lydia and the Troll by Justin Huertas, Leo K. Theatre, Seattle Repratory Theatre, 300 Harrison, Seattle Center, Seattle 98000.

May 5 til June 11. Tickets and info:

Various parking lots. Take monorail from Westlake Center, bus #32 from U-District.

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