Currents- Operetta about Japanese Internment of Bainbridge Island Residents


As part of 18th and Union’s Spring Shot Homegrown Festival, AC Petersen and Jeremy Berdin, librettist and composer respectively, present a 15 minute operetta, Currents, following three Japanese American women from Bainbridge Island through time and place.

From a 1937 departure of a young Nisei / Kibei on a ship to Japan, to working
in Japan’s WWII “Balloon Bomb” factory; to a mother and young daughter’s
arrival and incarceration at Minidoka, ( an internment camp for Japanese Americans)this impressionistic arc of five songs reveals emotion and ties of family members torn apart by choice and by force, while trapped on both sides of the Pacific Ocean during WWII.

Currents. 18th & Union 1406 18th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122, Thurs, Fri, Sat April 11-13 7:30.


Central District. Street Parking. #2 bus from Mt. Baker Transit Station, Downtown or the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station (E. John stop). Bus #48 on 23rd Ave

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