Animal Saints and Animal Sinners-A Mardi Gras Alternative at 18th and Union

Storytelling at its best-funny and profound.

18th & Union presents witty, eccentric Seattle storytellers Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and Bret Fetzer for an evening of strange and delightful tales about animals—saints, sinners, and the moral spectrum in-between. The ninth edition of their Animal Saints & Animal Sinners presents twisted tales of romance: Love on a Leash

The three storytellers are all different, but the stories all involve animals * Scot Augustson presents The Terror of Twisp—What begins as a flirtatious prank, blossoms into an unspeakable horror. (Thanks a lot, science!) *

Kelleen Conway Blanchard offers a double feature: Saint (in which a monstrous bargain is made with Saint Valentine. Who is also, by the way, a monster) and Julge of Hilge (In the swamplands of Hilge a hero rises to destroy a seductive dragon. But, will the flames of desire consume them both?). *

Bret Fetzer tells the latest of his American fairy tales, Princess of the Mountain—A heartbroken man raises his daughter as a wild beast. Three brothers try to woo her anyway, but they’ll need more than flowers and chocolates. Bret Fetzer has been writing and telling fairy tales for over 25 years; he is currently writing American fairy tales, set in world half Appalachian, half Dust Bowl, with the goal of writing a story for every state in the U.S.

I heartily recommend Love on a Leash, I have reviewed most of their shows and they are humor at its best, both funny and profound, with a big dose of wit. It is a good way to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Love on a Leash
, Animal Saints and Animal Sinners. 18th and Union. 1406-18th Ave, Seattle, 98112, Central District- Tues, Feb 13 Mardi Gras. 7:30. Live performance one night only, but streaming for two more weeks.


Transportation: Bus #48 along 23rd Ave. Bus # 8 from downtown and Capitol Hill Light Rail.

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