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How to Write a New Book for the Bible-Taproot Theatre

“Let’s get it right, down to the details.”

I fear I may be the wrong demographic for How to Write a New Book For the Bible.

Full-time priest and part-time playwright Bill Cain’s heartfelt 2011 play sketches a poignant portrait of a family reckoning with the impending loss of its matriarch. It’s a moving work – Cain based the play off the experience of losing his own mother, and it really shows in the minutiae of family life so lovingly captured by his script. In spite of all the good things about Taproot’s production of the play, though, I couldn’t avoid a niggling feeling that something was… off.

seattle rep

Finding Refuge in Seattle Rep’s Sanctuary City

“I’m from here. Even though I was born in… I’m from here.”

What does it mean to be American? Millions are denied the coveted classification of citizenship, cast to the margins of the United States for the simple, arbitrary distinction of being born elsewhere. Seattle Rep’s production of acclaimed playwright Martyna Majok’s latest offering Sanctuary City invites us into a world many choose to look away from, asking us to feel alongside two people who are American in everything but paperwork. It’s a rousingly compassionate, complex, and utterly brilliant production, one that shines a light on the American imagination’s greatest blind spot. 

glengarry glen ross seattle u

Glengarry Glen Ross-Seattle U

“I wasn’t cut out to be a thief. I was cut out to be a salesman.”

David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross seems to ask: what’s the difference?

Seattle U’s production of David Mamet’s Pulitzer-winning Glengarry Glen Ross is acutely aware of its optics, and understandably so. Mamet is a notorious lightning rod for controversy, having frequently drawn public ire for his crass conservatism and refusal to shy away from ugly subject matter over the course of his career. Director Brennan Murphy opens the program with a note containing a simple plea – view our play with an open mind. It is with an open mind, then, that I can confidently say: Seattle U knocked it out of the park.


Good Water-Theatre Off Jackson

“My head hurts,” Nyx, the mythological Greek goddess of night, repeats throughout Northwest Original Works’ production of Good Water, the latest work of up-and-coming playwright Jessica Moreland and director Max Koh. The world as we know it has ended, ravaged at our own hands by the effects of climate change. Nyx is the last of the gods. There is nothing, no one, left. No wonder her head hurts.

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Strong Waters-12th Avenue Arts

An Affair to Forget

Strong Waters, the latest offering from local playwright Claire Zaslav and director Margaret VandenBerghe at 12th Avenue Arts, treads old water in its cliched and at times unintentionally bizarre portrayal of a rekindled love affair.

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