Art to Combat Gentrification-Wa Na Wari

Art to Combat Gentrification Wa Na Wari

Last Saturday, February 3rd, Wa Na Wari opened an art exhibit of three Black artists, Marin Burnett, Brandon Donahue-Shipp, An artist called DK and Christopher Iduma. Wa Na Wari is situated in a fifth-generation Black-owned home in the Central District on a block without Leggoland development, and proudly displays this sign.

Wa Na Wari presented the art of Marin Burnett (Renton, Washington), Brandon Donahue-Shipp (Baltimore, Maryland), DK (Seattle, Washington), and Christopher Iduma (Lagos, Nigeria) on view from February 3-April 20, 2024.

Marin Burnett, whose education was in political science and public policy, turned to art for solace and catharsis.

Her paintings, using soft pastels, charcoal, oils and mixed media, are colorful and vibrant. My favorites are her paintings of children having fun outside, just enjoying natures.

She paints a lot of portraits and in her own words ”Capturing a likeness is not just rote reproduction, but a challenge to put the uniqueness of each person’s humanity on display.”

“Portraiture can tell the stories about a person’s history, struggles and joys.” Her portraits represent all three.

Wa Na Wari. Art Exhibit. 911-24th Ave. Seattle, 98122. Gallery Hours Tues-Thurs 2 pm -6pm, Fri 5pm-8 pmSat-Sun 11am -5pm. Til April 20, 2024.

Artist Talk April 18, 12 pm PT, Via Wa Na Wari’s Youtube and Facebook.

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