Really Really

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.” Socrates (469 -399 BC)

What is usually called the older generation, always says a variant of the above quote about every younger generation. For the baby boomer generation, we had Christopher Lasch’s punditry. It seems today, we are actually a little bit more enlightened by science about the plight of youth; given the advances in brain science. Physiologically , the most sophisticated part of the human brain, the frontal lobe, where judgment is processed, does not fully develop until age 26, so that is why youth behaves irresponsibly, without reflection and sometimes highly immorally.

And in my experience, it is always the people who were the most irresponsible and most self-destructive in their youth, who are in turn the most judgmental of the growing pains of the under 30’s. The play Really, Really, by Paul Down Coliazzo, produced by Touch Productions, currently running at West of Lenin, was a treatise about the biggest defect of being young, their selfishness.


Water by the Spoonful—Love in Small Doses

When children have a long stretch with a fever or illness they can become dehydrated. To re-hydrate them requires a teaspoon for water or soup every five minutes. Perhaps the title of Quiara Alegria Hudes’s soul-searching drama, Water by the Spoonful, serves as a metaphor for all people struggling with questions of recovery, illness, loneliness, trauma, identity and loss. We all can use care, love, attention, and connection in small doses—all the time.


The God of Hell

Stone Soup Theater opened The God of Hell by Sam Shepard on Friday February 23, 2015. This politically inspired play


Boondogglers Return with WHACKJOB

Whackjob by James Jordan as revised with Dan Gildark—both long-term members of the Boondogglers—sputters in many directions. Attending the final preview before its opening on Dec. 4, I found this production directed by Gildark, who also plays the lead, a mash-up of news, science, video projection, and theater.

What’s behind this?


Life=Play, An Evening of Short Works and Rarities by Samuel Beckett

Beckett en français était formidable

The Seattle Beckett Festival opened this week at West of Lenin with Life=Play an Evening of Short Works and Rarities by Samuel Beckett. Of the four plays presented, two were absolute duds, one was reasonably entertaining and the fourth, La dernière bande ( Krappe’s Last Tape), presented in French, reached into the stratosphere of delight.


25,000 Posts-A New Construction

” Life was happening to me at an alarming rate and it was not of my making”

Was among the numerous witty and profound quotes that made me laugh and cry at the same time as I sat through 25,000 Post-A New Construction at West of Lenin, an outstanding solo performance by veteran actor Jim Lapan.


The Grimaldis:A Musical Ghost Story

Show Business is not a Disease….That is the Question.

Is the essence of the “plot” of this Vaudeville/Musical, The Grimaldi’s A Musical Ghost Story, by Dane Ballard, which opened Friday night.



Soliloquy and emotion leave a lasting impression in Mia McCullough’s Impenetrable.  Charles Waxberg directs the fractured, multi-perspectives as thoughts and feelings


Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a play for the living.  This world premiere from playwright Sonya Schneider, directed by Laurel Pilar Garcia

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