Author name: Paul Desloover


ART- French Language Play

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

Three best friends since student days, Marc, Serge and Yvan have enjoyed a happy relationship for about 20 years.

Marc, the eldest, has always considered himself a good influence on his two friends whom he believes have always respected him as a mentor.


Le Prénom en français

Si vous voulez rire aux éclats et regarder une performance théâtrale vivante en français, la production de Le Prénom par Les Seagulls est parfaite. Bien que la pièce, qui a gagné le prix Molière, ait débuté en mars à Kirkland, il y aura deux autres occasions pour rire en Mai


Le Prénom- ( What’s in a Name) Hilarious comedy in French.

How Not to Name a Baby!!!!!!

If you want to laugh uproariously, while improving your French, go to see Le Prénom, a French play in the original language, produced by Les Seagulls. On both fronts, laughing uproariously and improving your French, Le Prénom by Matthieu Delaport and Alexandre de la Pattelière, fits the bill. Although the show opened in March in Kirkland, there will be two more opportunities to laugh at this award-winning play, in May. ( N.B. le prénom means “first name” in French)

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