Punchbowl-Interactive Dance at 18th and Union


Gather ’round the Punchbowl! This interactive dance show is engaging audiences in a setting filled with movement, community, snacks, and libations. Think of it like a local house party… Except it’s more artsy and way less sticky.

Created and produced by Emma Rose DeSantis, Bridget Kirk, Alison Kozar, Alex Kronz, and Symone Sanz, each piece will utilize the space and design elements in different ways, encouraging the audience to make choices about where they stand or sit, what they watch, and how long they watch for.

Punchbowl, 18th and Union. 1406-18th Ave. Central District, Seattle, 98122, Corner of 18th and Union. Sat. Jan. 27-8pm, Sun. Jan 28-2pm and 5pm.

Tickets: https://18u.thundertix.com/events/222875

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