Sugar Plum Gary-Returns to 18th and Union

A Santanist in Bright Red Feet Pajamas brings Christmas cheer

A holiday tradition at 18th & Union, Sugar Plum Gary returns with his eighth annual show of Cosmic Christmas Horror for the whole family.
A gentle-hearted “Santanist,” Sugar Plum Gary is a bushy-bearded man in jolly footie pajamas who has been haunted by the Holiday Spirit ever since he experienced the real Santa, an ancient and sinister creature more Lovecraft than Dickens. Every day is literally Christmas for Gary, and through improvisational conversation with the audience he shares the real reason for the season.

Asking simply, “Does anyone have a question about Christmas?,” Gary unfolds an evening of hilarious and twisted holiday glee that begins on the fateful night when Santa visited the Rankin Bass Home for Unfortunate Children, leaving Gary as the only survivor. Now, Sugar Plum Gary wanders this world (and possibly others) sharing the magic of Christmas—a magic that is deeper than the space between the stars.

I heartily recommend this amusing, sometimes shocking take on Christmas. Emmett Montgomery is an outstanding performer and a great comic!

Cosmic Christmas Horror
-Sugar Plum Gary aka Emmett Montgomery. 18th and Union, 1406-18th Ave. Seattle 98122, (Corner of 18th and Union, Central District)
Two evening shows 7pm & 9 pm Fri, Sat Dec. 15, 16, 22, 23, Sun matinée 3:00 pm Dec. 17. Two evening shows on Christmas Eve. Dec. 4th 7 & 9 pm.


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