Rust -Hamlet and Gormenghast meet the Woman in Black at 18th and Union

A Ghost Story

Written by playwright James T. Washburn, Rust is a tense, claustrophobic exploration of the cycles of patriarchal violence and what happens when tradition and a mythologized past cloud our understanding of the present. Hamlet and Macbeth meet Gormenghast and The Woman in Black (+ homoerotic swordfights) in this haunting supernatural revenge thriller.

Join Magpie Artists’ Ensemble for a unique and magical spin on a staged reading. Audience members are invited to share their thoughts on the show with the playwright in-person after the performance, or via a form that will be shared in the lobby. RUST deals with themes of memory loss, femicide, cycles of violence, and patriarchy. There are multiple onstage deaths, strong language, and implied sexual content. Although the “staged reading” format softens the impact of some of these elements (which will be described rather than performed), the play fits a PG-13 rating, and is recommended for mature audiences. Recommended for ages 13+

Rust. A staged Reading. 18th and Union, 1406-18th Ave. Seattle 98122. Central District, Corner of 18th and Union. Sun Nov 12, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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