Art in the Lobby Paper Art by Maggie Ramirez Burns

Can you believe it was all made with colored paper!

Most of us know about the Japanese craft of Origami, which folds paper intricately to create animals, but few of us know that there is an art form involving cutting paper. I learned of it in 2021 when I visited the National Nordic Museum in Ballard and saw the exhibit “Paper Dialogues: The Dragon and Our Stories.” There I learned that it is a thriving art form in Scandinavia as well as China.

Seattle is not to be outdone, and right here in the Northwest, there is a brilliant paper-cut artist, Maggie Ramirez Burns, who has exhibited her colorful botanical collages using recycled paper. Not only are they particularly stunning, they are quite unique.

As an avid gardener who likes multi-colored flower beds, I found these intricate designs completely intriguing as they were all executed with paper and scissors but looked everybit as sophisticated and intricate and something painted by Renoir or any of the old Masters. But these pieces, unlike a lot of visual art, has a three dimensional quality to them.

I urge everyone to come see the Art in the Lobby along with Taproot’s show, The Hello Girls. Hanging around the lobby is actually very relaxing as there are sofas, chairs and a bar with lots of yummy snacks.

Small Obervations: Works by Maggie Ramirez Burns. Taproot Theatre, 212 N. 85th St, Seattle 98103, North Seattle, til Aug 30. In the lobby.

Pieces available from Seattle Art Source

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