Pony World Theatre


Hotdish – A Bit of Everything in One Play

“Cooking is the key ingredient in being human”

Pony World Theatre’s Hotdish opened this past Friday, November 3rd at 12th Avenue Arts Studio Theatre. Brendan Healy’s writing with Charolotte Peters’s directing combine beautifully to tell the humorous story addressing how to live with the past, the present, your family, and yourself.


Not / Our Town: New or Old Play?

Most people probably know Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, winner of a Pulitzer, a Tony, and a Drama Desk award. With thousands of productions from high school theatre to Broadway, it even has a street in New Hampshire dedicated to it. If you don’t know it, don’t worry, you can still watch Pony World Theatre’s production without a hitch, as it sets up its audience with a summary of the original Our Town before diving into their rendition. Wilder’s play takes place in the small town of New Hampshire, Grover’s Corners, where nothing really happens in the relative peacefulness of the early 1900s. As such, the play is about community and small towns and appreciating even the uneventful in life.


Suffering, Inc

“Hello.  How are you? Are you nervous? Worried? Depressed?  You’ve had to scrape and save. Where has it all gone?

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