War on Christmas-Irreverent musical at Theatre off Jackson

War on Christmas-Where Nothing is Sacred and Everything is Hilarious.

A must see for everyone this Christmas season, is Scott Shoemaker’s War on Christmas at Theatre off Jackson in the Chinatown/International District. Written by Scott Schoemaker and Freddy Molitch, it was passionately irreverent but like all great comedy its core was something serious, brilliantly elucidated by Scott’s opening monologue about the stresses of Christmas.

He spoke amusingly, but truthfully, about how various aspects of Christmas and its rituals like alcohol, feasting, relatives and gift-giving are just as challenging to endure as life itself. Then the ensemble acts out a bizarre Christmas, which debunks every shred of sentimentality associated with the holiday season, while singing highly unorthodox lyrics, dancing in revealing costumes and entertaining the audience with witty topical jokes.

While waiting for the show to start, the set, by Babe Dufresne, was full of cheezy Christmas decorations from the early 1960’s, the white artificial so-called “Christmas” trees, as the loud speaker filled the house with traditional Christmas songs modernized and jazzed up. For example, Jingle Bells with a Broadway Belt was very vulgar yet tremendously funny.

The opening dance number was to die for, enhanced by fantastic costuming by Jordan Christianson, Jake Nelson and Pete Rush, as well as lighting by Casey Price. And then there were the triple threats: dancers, singers and actors Ade, Mandy Price, Major Scales and Joel Domenico. Scott’s stellar performance takes your breath away, as he has incredible comic timing and superb facial expressions, which elicited uproarious laughter, even with the most subtle lifting of an eye-brow.

The highlight of the evening was the spoof of the traditional watching of a “Christmas-themed” movie. It veered off into an encounter with Aliens and a song fest. Each of the triple threats delivered solos, which were to die for, but no spoiler alerts! This is clearly a gay-themed show, but I can attest that it has universal appeal, except perhaps for Valdimer Putin, the thankfully now deceased Pope Ben and the Nigerian Government.

I also noticed that two people in the audience were wearing those outlandish Christmas sweaters one’s Aunties gives us. I’m not sure if that is part of the tradition, but there was a huge amount of audience participation à la Rocky Horror Picture show. Next year, I will wear such a sweater, because War on Christmas will be part of my holiday tradition

Yes, it was THAT enjoyable!!!!!

War on Christmas Joint Production of Shoes & Pants and Theatre off Jackson. at Theatre off Jackson. 407-7th Ave S. Seattle, 98104. (Chinatown/International District-Corner of Jackson and 7th Ave S.) Evening Performances at 8pm til Dec. 23. Matinées. Sat Dec. 16, Sun, Dec. 17. Info:

Tickets: https://theatreoffjackson.org/event/scott-shoemakers-war-on-christmas-4/

Transportation: Bus #7 along Jackson or , Chinatown/International Stop on Light Rail, Walk East a few blocks. Limited and difficult parking. Lots of Asian Restaurants.

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