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Strawberry Jam-Strawberry Theatre Workshop Director’s Festival

Two plays, different styles.

As part of Strawjam, Strawberry Theatre Workshop’s multiweek director’s festival, two shows opened Thursday, which will run just for this weekend, at 12th Ave Arts. The two shows, Glass Kill Bluebeard’s Friends by Caryl Churchill and Catslut by Katherine Jana were thematically linked as they both deal with issues of trauma and sexuality.


Strawberry Theatre Workshop’s “Lydia” at 12th Avenue Arts

Strawberry Theatre Workshop brings Octavio Solis’s award-winning Mexican-American family drama to 12th Avenue Arts.
Lydia, first performed in 2008, tells a twisted story of family, sex, sexuality, and immigration, set in 1970s Texas. In the aftermath of a debilitating car accident that leaves the youngest child in a semi-vegetative state, the Flores family hires Lydia, a recent immigrant from Mexico, as a maid. Sexual, socio-political, and supernatural tensions soon hurtle the family towards the play’s dark conclusion.


Loose Rhinoceros About—What’s a Person to Do?

Eugene Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros (1959) grew from his increasingly lonely witness to the attraction that Nazism held among the circles he traveled in during World War II. Ionesco (b. 1909, Slatina, Romania—d. 1994, Paris, France) and many of his friends would have been around 20 in 1939, the prime age for idealist fervor.

Strawberry Theatre Workshop intentionally produced this play to highlight the challenges of our current presidential election climate. Jess K. Smith’s direction found the play’s


9 Circles

Killing people bothers SOME people

It is difficult to find the words to express how great 9 Circles was!!!!!. Playing at 12th Ave Arts, produced by Strawberry Theatre Workshop, directed by Grey Carter, from a divinely inspired script by Father Bill Cain, S.J., with an exceptionally stellar cast, it was far more than just a good show. It was a spiritually uplifting EXPERIENCE which one rarely has in theatre or indeed in life.


The Birds

In the Strawberry Theatre Workshop’s latest production, The Birds, audiences are drawn into the world of three characters whose lives

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