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The Mark of Immediacy

Anything but Immediate

Mark, the evangelist, was one of 70 Disciples of Christ and the founder and later Bishop of the Church of Alexandria in Egypt. Twenty-five years after Jesus’ death in 30 AD, he wrote down, presumably in Greek, the oral stories and legends about His life, which we know today as the Gospel according to Mark. Since his Gospels were the first ones to be written down, they are considered the most direct, best-written, with a coherent plot and the most dramatic.


In the Book of … Will Sweep You Away

In the Book of … directed with a sure hand by Scott Nolte, had its regional premiere on Friday, March 28 at the Taproot Theatre in the Greenwood neighborhood. This is a first-rate production all around, and it helped that John Walch has written a play that is at times witty, touching, sad, and realistic.


Pretty Fire

Finding Happiness, Humor and God,

Often humor is more effective for discussing serious topics in life than serious drama There could be no better example of this than the new Taproot show, Pretty Fire, which opened recently.

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