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“The Government Inspector” at Seattle Shakespeare Company Review

When town officials learn that an incognito government inspector has arrived in their town, they scramble to cover up evidence of their corruption. A broke, free-loading traveler mistaken fr the inspector takes full advantage of their greed and panic with hilarious results. Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of The Government Inspector is a laugh-out-loud funny comedy of errors.


Sycorax Is Loved

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s classic play, The Tempest, Y York’s Sycorax is a powerful monodrama independent of the influencing work,


Romeo and Juliet

Heavy Teen Consequences for Thinking with your Glands

In 1988-89, when I lived in London, I received weekly Monday night tickets to the RSC; however I never saw as delightful or entertaining a version of any Shakespeare play as the Seattle Shakespeare production of Romeo and Juliet, currently running at the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center.


Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertholt Brecht

Best Brecht in Town at Seattle Shakes

Seattle Shakespeare Company, opened a spectacular production of one of the most celebrated and visionary plays of Berthold Brecht: Mother Courage and her Children at Seattle Center on Friday. Written in exile in 1939, right after the Nazi invasion of Poland, its theme warns the profiteers of war that they themselves will not be spared its disasters no matter how crafty they are. Its setting, the 30-Year’s War, a long drawn out series of wars in the 17th Century, created untold destruction in German territories and depleted most of Europe economically, not unlike the aftermath of World War II.

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