Monstrous Regiment: A Comedic, Action Packed Romp

Latitude Theatre debuts in an excellent and fantastical fashion

Monstrous Regiment is being put on by Latitude Theater, adapted originally from the Terry Pratchett novel of the same name, brought to Seattle from Chicago where it was adapted for the stage by Christopher Hainsworth.


A Blast to the Past with “ZACH”

Join Artswest Theatre for a night of nostalgia!

Filled with satirical comedy and 90s television references, ZACH offers rooms of chuckles and nostalgia at Artswest Theatre. The enthusiasm of director Sara Porkalob and the wonderful talents of Amber Walker and Michael Nevárez really shine on Christian St. Croix’s playwright in the production of the show. Referencing some of the classic 90s high school sitcoms such as Boy Meets World, Full House, and Saved By The Bell, you are sure to be filled with laughs and warmth with the production of ZACH.


Significant Other, or, Better Yet, Significant Self

Tacoma Little Theatre Features Significant Other

Finding love is never an easy thing to do, but watching all your friends find love before you? It adds an extra level of difficulty, regardless of how happy you are for them. Significant Other acknowledges this struggle through Jordan, who is as excited to find love as anyone else yet is stuck going from engagement parties to bachelorettes to weddings. He cares for each of his friends deeply and showcases how happy he is for them, but he can’t help feeling sad for himself.


The Standby Lear: Beautiful Rumination on Fear and Opportunity

The Standby Lear, directed by Terry Edward Moore, is a beautiful story of a husband and wife in the acting world, providing opportunity for intense reflection on what living life on standby entails. While starting out as a lighthearted comedy based upon the Shakespearean tragedy, the show quickly transforms into an emotional examination of love and fear in an actor’s life.


Preview- Motörmouth Comedy Power-Hour

Gas-Up your Giggles, and Rev-up that roaring laughter for the first ever MOTORMOUTH COMEDY POWER-HOUR!! Where comedians run their mouths, the house is rocked, and the laughter rolls! The funniest, gut-bustin’-est, wildest comics in and out of Seattle, dial their jokes up to eleven, just to make YOU laugh!!


Baskerville-Sherlock Holmes at Harlequin

Creative, Technically Impressive Comedy

Written by Ken Ludwig, Baskerville, an adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskerville’s, opened at Harlequin Productions in Olympia this weekend. With umpteen interior and exterior scene changes and three actors playing 40 roles, many with different accents, it was a tour-de-force of technical skill and creativity on the part of director Corey McDaniel.


Great concept, amazing delivery, not so good comedy

Put Your Hands Together for Woody Shticks and Pearl Lam at 18th and Union

Comedians Pearl Lam and Woody Shticks come together in a versatile, expressive, true-to-the-times comedy, and use laughter to deal with complex topics of childhood trauma, violence, animal endangerment, sexual freedom, queerness and identity. All the while dabbing into nonsensical skits that help lighten the mood of the overall performance. In truth, it’s a great combination of themes and emotions but that needs a high level of precision to be pulled off.


Not / Our Town: New or Old Play?

Most people probably know Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, winner of a Pulitzer, a Tony, and a Drama Desk award. With thousands of productions from high school theatre to Broadway, it even has a street in New Hampshire dedicated to it. If you don’t know it, don’t worry, you can still watch Pony World Theatre’s production without a hitch, as it sets up its audience with a summary of the original Our Town before diving into their rendition. Wilder’s play takes place in the small town of New Hampshire, Grover’s Corners, where nothing really happens in the relative peacefulness of the early 1900s. As such, the play is about community and small towns and appreciating even the uneventful in life.

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