Thalia’s Umbrella


Memories of a Forgotten Man-Thalia’s Umbrella’s production is NOT to be forgotten nor missed

The Persistence of Memory

Salvatore Dali visualized this concept with clocks melting into distortion. The playwright D.W. Gregory explores, with complexity, how memory can serve as well as destroy in Memoirs of a Forgotten Man. (Yes, that’s what the poster reads if you squint.) This highly relevant play was directed by Thalia’s Umbrella Artistic Director, Terry Edward Moore and opened last weekend at 12th Ave Arts.


The Impossibility of Now WOWS

Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds.

Thalia’s Umbrella’s world première The Impossibility of Now, by Y York, exquisitely illustrates the concept expressed in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 whose first three lines are:

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediment; love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,”

Utilizing a highly original plot, outstandingly witty dialogue, a fabulous musical score, interesting recognizable stereotypes who go through profound character development, great acting, and a set to die for, all put together by an expert director, this romantic comedy for the middle aged, delivers the goods. And how!


Valentine’s Day-When Love Speaks

A Disease that has More Joys than Health

Many people nowadays think of poetry as little more than a disease, but Thalia’s Umbrella’s production of When Love Speaks will undoubtedly cure them of that notion, because more than any performance I have ever seen in verse, it honored the spoken word of the great English poets.




Written by the critically-acclaimed playwright and Tony award winning librettist, Richard Nelson, Sorry the third part of the Apple Family Triology, produced by Thalia’s Umbrella, opened at 12th Ave Arts, this past weekend. With a stellar cast, composed of some of my favorite Seattle actors, as well as a highly capable director and technical staff, the play was definitely not the thing.


A Lesson from Aloes

No Yardstick to Measure Species, No Name for the Plants of the Drought

Thalia’s Umbrella opened its performance of A Lesson from Aloes by playwright Athol Fugard at Isaac Studio Theater of Taproot Theater, Greenwood, North Seattle, on 10 October, Friday. Directed by Daniel Wilson, with Terry Edward Moore, who is also the producing artistic director, as Piet, Pam Nolte as Gladys and William Hall, Jr as Steve, A Lesson from Aloes is Thalia’s Umbrella’s second production.

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