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Wizzer Pizzer—A Campy Romp through Rainbow-Tinged Themes

Oz is a magical land. Since 1900 when Frank Baum published the original The Wizard of Oz anyone with the faintest acquaintance with this American cultural treasure will recognize it. Roll that into the gay culture’s fetishizing of Garland and her solo performances, stir in a bushel of camp, pore in a religious cult running a reparative therapy clinic; blend well. What you get is Wizzer Pizzer: Getting over the Rainbow …


Edgar Allan Poe’s Life—As a Musical? Yes!

The world premiere of The Hours of Life, a musical about Edgar Allan Poe by Paul Lewis shines with loving attention. Directed by Corey McDaniel, this presentation by Theatre22 at the tiny Cornish Playhouse Studio at Seattle Center delivers the goods.

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