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Resolutions-Live Radio Show to Usher in the New Year

“Like a vegan in a kale trough”*

Is how I would describe the enthusiasm with which I “consumed” the latest Sandbox Radio production, Resolutions. * A line from the show.

After having the sheer pleasure of attending Sandbox Radio’s holiday live radio show, at the ACT theatre, I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to declare Sandbox Radio a Seattle “City Treasure,” seek funding, so that it can produce weekly radio shows.


PREVIEW Sandbox Radio May 1st, Town Hall

Get Ready to Laugh

I would like to have some explanation, as to why Sandbox Radio has chosen May 1st for their Spring Radio show, but I have no great insight about it. Perhaps it is because it takes place on May 1st, a day designed by the 2nd International as International Worker’s Day. A more likely explanation is that it is the universal cry for help when shipwrecked, having originated in the days when French, rather than English was the lingua franca. In French it is m’aidez, meaning HELP ME, but the English render it phonetically into May Day! May Day!

At any rate, it seems highly appropriate for a Sandbox Radio show, because at times, I felt like calling for help, because I seriously thought my sides would split with laughter, while sitting in the audience at Sandbox Radio shows. Often the only way I could have possibly stopped laughing was with outside help.


Preview-The Shadow Knows Sandbox Radio

More Fun than Trick or Treating in the Rain

Sandbox Radio, Seattle’s competitor with Minneapolis’s Prairie Home Companion will present a special Halloween episode, from the locally grown radio variety show that combines killer music, sound effects, engaging storytelling, the city’s best performers and an ultra cool sparkly host… all recorded live for podcast in front of you, their “studio” audience.


Gold Rush

All that Glitters just Might Be Gold

Sandbox Radio, on Monday night, in the basement of Town Hall, delivered an evening not just of glitter but of sheer 100% golden entertainment with their new show, Gold Rush. Like gold, live radio is difficult to find, difficult to refine, conducts electricity, but also has a softness to it. Sandbox’s new show created an electrifying effect on the audience, as the audience actually participates in creating the show. Hosted by Leslie Law, one of the producers, Gold Rush had several sketches, the best of which were spoofs about the foibles of Seattleites, hilarious PSA’s, music composed by Jose “Juicy” Gonzales and a few monologues.


Words and Bees-Live Radio Performance

Radio Theatre Live coming to Seattle’s Town Hall, Monday April 25th.

Sandbox Radio newest live radio show, the Words and the Bees will be performed at Town Hall on First Hill in Seattle, on Monday, April 25th at 8 pm.


PREVIEW- Encore Performance of Beckett on the Radio

Seattle is in the midst of a Samuel Beckett festival. On August 29, Sandbox Radio opened a weekend run of Words and Music paired with All that Fall at West of Lenin in Fremont. Leslie Law and Richard Ziman, who produce, direct, and act in this show have crafted a delightful evening of Beckett that will spur you to catch more of the offerings in the festival. Next Monday, Oct 13, for one night only, an encore performance will take place at ACT Theatre.

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