‘A Hand of Talons’ A Winning Premiere

World Premiere Mash-Up of the Wild Wild West and The Godfather

Director Amy Poisson teams up with writer Maggie Lee and Pork Filled Productions (PFP) for a third time to bring us A Hand of Talons. This plays returns us to the fictional city of New Providence, the setting for their previous collaborations—the 2015 Tumbleweed Zephyr and the 2013 The Clockwork Professor.

The genre is steampunk, the drama twirls around the rivalry of siblings competing to lead the Yao Chinese crime family that runs the casino and other operations in New Providence. This is perhaps the goriest of the three plays as the struggle for recognition, power, and dominance plus a betrayal take their toll. The acting is melodramatic, to match the time period, and fully engaging.