Weasel Production’s “Night of the Living Dead LIVE!” Gut-Wrenchingly Funny!

Just in time for the Halloween season, Weasel Production’s Night of the Living Dead LIVE premiered this past week. A comedic retelling of the original horror classic, the show explores how a cast of eccentric characters can manage to live through a frightening zombie apocalypse.

The way the play is structured makes the first Act more of a faithful retelling of the original story with a comedic edge. While it had some suspenseful and hilarious character moments, the real show stopper came in the second act. This is important to keep in mind because viewing purely the first act leaves a very different impression on the show as a whole. While it was still enjoyable, there were moments in which the comedic timing was slightly off, or jokes were said too fast or drawn out too long with less of an audience reaction. This was likely more of a product of the typical issues of an opening night, rather than a representation of the talent of the cast or director. Where this all changed was in the second act. Immediately the energy was higher, and the jokes were timed quicker.

I always enjoy seeing a show where you get to know the characters so well, that merely hearing the set-up of a situation causes the audience to laugh. This would not be possible without a cast of extremely talented performers. Each were likable in their own way. A personal favorite was Talena Laine’s ability to change between two characters: Helen (a hot-headed mother) and Judy (an air-headed girlfriend). The characters were portrayed so well, that it took far too long to realize that they were played by the same actress.

For an opening night, from a theatre’s first production, “Night of the Living Dead LIVE” was a killer show. It was incredibly enjoyable, funny and frightening, no doubt a perfect way to spend an autumn night.

“Night of the Living Dead LIVE”, by Christopher Bond, Dale Boyer & Trevor Martin. Weasel Productions, October 15, 2019 till November 3, 2019. https://www.weaselpro.com/

Tickets Available at: https://www.strangertickets.com/98696685/weasel-productions

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