Lend Me A Tenor Opens on a High Note at Woodinville Repertory Theatre:

In a whirlwind of farce, slapstick and classic humor, Woodinville Repertory Theatre’s production of Lend Me A Tenor opened to an audience overwhelmed with laughter and applause.

A classic comedy of errors, Lend Me A Tenor tells the story of Max (Adrian Ceratto): an assistant to Henry Saunders (Steve Murphy), manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. Both characters are awaiting the arrival of the acclaimed singer Tito Merelli (Larry Shaw) who is acting in a production of the opera “Pagliacci.” In a series of disastrous events, Tito is unable to perform, forcing Henry and Max to save the show and the opera company’s reputation.

Contrary to the synopsis above, Lend Me A Tenor is one of those stories filled with intricate side-plots and running gags. However, like all good performances, Woodinville Rep’s production makes these intricacies easy to follow, courtesy of its impeccable direction and execution. The timing and blocking alone show such a level of practice and perfection that I found myself laughing throughout both acts.

Needless to say, I was not alone in this enjoyment. Each performance had several moments which caused the audience to erupt with laughter. Be it from the endearingly star-struck Maggie Saunders (Sonja Usher) or Tito’s fiery and argumentative wife Maria (BriAnne Green), every actor offered unique and energetic performances. I cannot stress enough how much of a delight this show was to watch. Woodinville Rep’s Lend me a Tenor is a comedy that strikes all the right chords with lovers of farce and comedic theatre.

“Lend Me A Tenor” by Ken Ludwig. Woodinville Repertory Theatre, October 4, 2019, till October 27, 2019.

Tickets Available at:  http://www.woodinvillerep.org/now-playing/

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