Core Ensemble’s The Best of the Best.

As a part of Springshot Festival, Core Ensemble is performing their best sketch comedies, The Best of the Best, at 18th & Union for two nights, on April 13th and 20th. They chose their best ones from over four hundred sketches they’ve made for the last year and a half.

Besides the easy going and playful nature of their performance, their sketches are not simply comical, but they also reflect the problematic aspects of our society and skillfully deliver them to the audience.  There were total of 6 actors, the set was simple, the sketches were put on a wall and the actors wanted the audience choose which sketch they want to see, and when it’s chosen, they go behind the stage/curtain, bring in what is needed for that particular sketch, and perform it.

Watching The Best of the Best would be a fun way to spend your Saturday night. The show will definitely not fail to impress you, as it is delivered by bright and young performers, who seemed very passionate about what they do, plus, the sketches are creative and lighthearted.

The Best of the Best by Core Ensemble.  18th & Union. 1406 18th AVE. 98122.
Sat 9:30 pm, April 20th. Tickets:

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