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Glengarry Glen Ross-Seattle U

“I wasn’t cut out to be a thief. I was cut out to be a salesman.”

David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross seems to ask: what’s the difference?

Seattle U’s production of David Mamet’s Pulitzer-winning Glengarry Glen Ross is acutely aware of its optics, and understandably so. Mamet is a notorious lightning rod for controversy, having frequently drawn public ire for his crass conservatism and refusal to shy away from ugly subject matter over the course of his career. Director Brennan Murphy opens the program with a note containing a simple plea – view our play with an open mind. It is with an open mind, then, that I can confidently say: Seattle U knocked it out of the park.


Glengarry Glen Ross revived at the Lee Theatre at Seattle U

Greed is Good

Under the director of Brennan Murphy, Seattle University will stage a revival of David Mamet’s 1984 Pulitzer prize winning play Glenngarry Glen Ross at Seattle University’s Lee Center.

The play depicts two days in the lives of four desperate Chicago real estate agents, who are prepared to engage in any number of unethical, illegal acts—from lies and flattery to bribery, threats, intimidation and burglary—to sell real estate to unwitting prospective buyers. It is based on Mamet’s experience having previously worked in a similar office.

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