Richard III


Thrilling Richard III Weaves Magic Spell

Remarkably, this gem of a show was not supposed to happen. The Seattle Shakespeare Company had no plans for a Richard III after they had completed reimagining the Bard’s Henry VI trilogy in last year’s Bring Down the House. Yet, the overwhelming momentum engendered by the strength of that production, in particular the outstanding work of Sarah Harlett as young Richard, convinced Artistic Director George Mount and the upstart crow collective to create a sequel. Lucky Seattle! This powerful Richard III is a major highlight for our fall theater season.


Richard III – à la Chinoise

The Royal Family of England portrayed as 1920’s Gangsters in Chinatown

If you have ever wondered why King Henry VIII of England was so obsessed with having a legitimate male heir, read the Shakespearean plays set during the during the War of the Roses. Shakespeare’s rendering of the end of these dynastic wars, when two rival branches of the royal family, the Yorks and the Lancasters, fought endlessly for the disputed crown of England, opened this weekend at Theater off Jackson. Produced by Rebatensemble Theatre Group, director Elizabeth Wu, staged Richard III in Chinatown in the 1920’s, with the Yorks and Lancasters, as rival gangs of speakeasy owners i.e. gangsters.

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