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Peter and the Starcatcher

Finding Neverland at Reboot Theatre

Reboot’s production of Peter and the Starcatcher, at Theater off Jacksonk, is rollicking gay fun. It’s got pirates,
(gay pirates) a disco ball on the ceiling, and a flying cat, all on a ship. It is filled with references that are warmly recognized by
the audience like the appearance of a Yugioh duel disk and Dungeons and Dragons. The set pulls you in with one glance at the pink gamer chair in its center.


60 Years of “110 in the Shade” with Reboot Theatre Company

110 in the Shade, the musical adaptation of the play The Rainmaker making its way to Seattle Public Theatre.

Reboot Theatre Company welcomes the community to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of 110 in the Shade at Seattle Public Theatre. A production that is truly worth celebrating with its excellent and charismatic rendition of the original musical. Filled with comedy, sympathy, and musical talents, Reboot Theatre Company shined bright with their production of 110 in the Shade. Based on the play The Rainmaker, 110 in the Shade takes a musical rendition to the production, with the book written by N. Richard Nash, lyrics by Tom Jones, and music by Harvey Schmidt, director Scot Charles Anderson, music director Mark Rabe, and the cast delivers excellent singing, fun choreography and heartfelt messages about love and self-worth.

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