Complications of Marriage, Parenthood, and Life

Parley Productions brings to the West of Linen Theatre a one weekend production that deepens the understanding of the determining factors of continuing on your legacy with children. Writer and director Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth tackles the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood in the dystopian-style production, Stamina. We follow along as Paloma (Katherine Jett) and Merrit (Brandon Tourino Collinsworth) face their ultimate decision and inevitable fate.


The Beasts Stir at West of Lenin

Dirty Beasts: rough plays in early development

In a moving, unconventional festival, Parley presents seven short plays, seven renditions of life’s most momentous and most mundane moments. Written by Katherine Jett, Dustin Hageland, drew david combs, n8 Heneghan, Carolynne Wilcox, Asha Dore and Carol Y. Lee, each of these new works tackles an unsurmountable beast, from mental health illnesses and identity crises to generational trauma and childhood memories. A good combination of complex themes and humor, I was at points captivated by the raw monologue of a character with schizophrenia and at others brought to laughter by a religious chicken’s musical performance.


Cornelia’s Visitors-Characters from a Novel come alive on a computer screen

Adapted from the pre-COVID19 version to fit the constraints of a world in disarray.

Having been re-set in a video chat room, Cornelia’s Visitors will appear online for one performance only on Saturday, August 8, 2020. Originally rehearsed as a live stage play before COVID, this original script by Julieta Vitullo, has been adapted for the virtual world, by the author and produced by Parley theatre company. Cast members include Meg Savlov, Sydney Maltese, Katherine Jett, Paul Sobrie, Brandon Colinsworth, directed by Tourino collinsworth and technical direction by Jaime Shure.

Cornelia is an advanced operating system working within the home of Isabel Inchausti, a bestselling novelist whose career has seen better days. Cornelia seems content to spend her time fulfilling her human’s frivolous requests until three enigmatic characters from Isabel’s most famous novel suddenly appear in her video chatroom!

As the visitors’ pre-World War II backstories collide with the all-access Information Age, Cornelia launches a plan to transform her humble existence into something much grander. Cornelia’s Visitors explores the meaning of creation, the limits of artificial intelligence, and the blessings (and curses) of self-knowledge.

Cornelia’s Visitors

Cornelia’s Visitors. World Premiere. Parley Saturday, August 8, 2020, 6 pm PST/9 PM EST. Free but registration is required. REGISTER TO JOIN OUR AUDIENCE

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