Kelleen Conway Blanchard


Animal Saints and Animal Sinners-A Mardi Gras Alternative at 18th and Union

Storytelling at its best-funny and profound.

18th & Union presents witty, eccentric Seattle storytellers Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and Bret Fetzer for an evening of strange and delightful tales about animals—saints, sinners, and the moral spectrum in-between. The ninth edition of their Animal Saints & Animal Sinners presents twisted tales of romance: Love on a Leash


Blood Countess-Female Serial Killer in Hungary

Blood Countess or Countess Dracula

Anyone familiar with Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s brilliantly macabre writings from Animal Saints and Animal Sinners would know that the true story of serial killer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, could have been invented by Blanchard, as it has all the hallmarks of her writing-the links between sexualized violence, and violent sexuality.

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